Black White and Stripes

Hi guys! Thought I would squeeze in one last outfit before I am off to Italia in the morning!  
Outfit Details
Shorts + Shoes - Target
Hat + Shirt - thrifted

We are headed to explore Sicily for two weeks and I can't wait!  I won't have my computer with me, but make sure to follow along on instagram for all of my travel snaps!  If any of you have been before, I would love to hear any recommendations!
xo Hannah


Welcome to Fall Roundup

Good Morning!
 I thought it might be fun to welcome in fall with a little roundup of my favorite outfits from this time last year.  I always enjoy looking through old posts because it makes me more excited to get dressed and get creative for the new season!

Do you have a favorite?  With my new work schedule and the move, I have been having trouble trying to scrounge together time to take pictures of my outfits (or get dressed in anything other than leggings honestly)!  I do feel a new burst of autumn inspiration now though.  Off to enjoy my day off and check some things off my to-do list!  Happy autumn to you!
xo Hannah


Plaid Barn

Lately I have been choosing my work clothes by "what wouldn't I mind getting poop on".   So needless to say, it felt pretty good to get dressed in something other than my animal shelter clothes for a day! 
Outfit Details
Vintage Dress - for sale in the shop here!
Boots - Ariat (thrifted)

I finally finished painting and organizing my office in the new place on my day off and it feels so nice to have one space that is unpacked and looking the way I want it to.  The rest of the house in coming along too, but all of the newness between the house and job has been pretty overwhelming.  I'm excited to finally start feeling settled.  How have all of you guys been, I miss you!
xo Hannah


Mellow Yellow Florals

Hi guys!  Sorry, no time to chat today as its my last day off to pack before our big move on Saturday!  
Outfit Details
Vintage Set - for sale in the shop here!
Shoes - H&M
Purse- Vintage
Hat - Eddie Bauer
Temporary Tattoos- c/o Siideways

For this outfit I stayed comfy in a vintage two piece set from the shop and some temporary tattoos that I have been loving lately from the Etsy shop Siideways.  You can take 20% off everything in my vintage shop right now, including this cute set, with the coupon code LABORDAY20 at checkout!
See ya next week after the move!
xo Hannah


Chambray + Happiness Boutique

Hi guys!
So much going on right now! I survived my first real week of work at the new job! Still getting used to the 11+ hour days (ouch my feet!), but the three days off during the week will surely be a nice perk once I get used to it.  On top of the new job, we are also moving to a new town nearby next week, as our landlord has decided to sell our house.  It's definitely bittersweet, but I'm always up for a new adventure!

Outfit Details
Chambray Top- Target
Shorts- Sears
Heels - Ross
Necklace- c/o Happiness Boutique
Temporary Tattoo - c/o Siideways

A couple weeks ago, the sweet people over at Happiness Boutique reached out to me to see if I wanted to style one of their beautiful pieces of statement jewelry.  They are a cute vintage-inspired company based out of Germany and once I took a look at their site I couldn't wait to pick something out!  I was having a hard time choosing between all of the pretty styles so I even asked R to help me pick a favorite, and this is the one that ultimately won out.

The awesome thing about statement necklaces like this is you can literally be wearing jeans and a white tee and just add this and you will instantly feel more unique and put together!  I'm also wearing one of the awesome hand-drawn temporary tattoos from the Etsy shop Siideways Tattoos.  I've been having so much fun playing around with them and testing out all of the beautiful vintage floral styles.

Anyway, please bear with me in these next two weeks while I attempt to move, get the hang of my new job, and get my life a bit more settled! As always, thanks for reading!
xo Hannah


Flower Ballet

Hi friends!
I'm back from my Miami trip, which I hope to post some photos of soon.  More importantly, I just started my new job and am training all week so I haven't really had time to post!  Luckily I had this little outfit saved from before I left on my trip.
Outfit Details:
Vintage Skirt - in the shop here!
Tassel Necklaces - in the shop here!
Sandals - thrifted

The new job is going well so far (how can it not when puppies and kittens are involved)?!  I hope to get back to more normal posting soon, but for now I am just trying to figure out my schedule and keep my head above water!  I hope all is well with you guys and thanks for sticking around even when I have been bad with providing any good content around here lately!
xo Hannah


Bell Sleeved

Hi guys! Well, a lot has happened in the last week. Most of you who have read my blog for awhile probably know that I am quite the animal lover - cats especially!  Which is why I am super excited to be starting a new job next week as an adoption specialist for the humane society!  Its going to be so amazing to help animals find their new forever homes, and I am going to do my best to not bring them all home with me.
Outfit Details
Dress & Heels - thrifted
Bag - Vintage
Tattoo - c/o Siideways

This past week I have been trying out these beautiful vintage floral temporary tattoos from fellow Etsy seller Siideways.   The sweet shop owner Elizabeth hand draws, paints, or digitally designs each one herself.  I do not have any permanent tattoos myself but have always really loved them, and this is such a cool way to try something out for a few days with no commitment!  She has so many beautiful vintage floral designs, which are my personal favorite.  This is the one I am wearing here! And how cute is this new one she just designed with a kitten with roses- definitely next on my wishlist!  Everyone at the new job would definitely thing I'm legit if I roll in with a kitten tattoo! You can even get custom designs made for special occasions, which is so cool! If you end up trying one for yourself, let me know, I want to see which one is your favorite!

So when the new job confirmed that I will start next week, I immediately went into my typical wanderlust mode and bought a ticket for a last minute trip to Miami.  I leave tomorrow!  I will be visiting a good friend from high school who I have seriously promised to visit for the last TEN years since she moved out there to go to college.  Can't wait to lay in the sunshine for a few days, get dressed up, and eat tacos!  Does anyone have any favorite places/ recommendations?
xo Hannah